Friends of the Blog

Crafty’s Tabletop

I’m crafty, less commonly known as Predrag Filipović, the creator behind Crafty’s Tabletop, a small online brand, dabbling in all things RPG, mostly game design and research, as well as some tabletop crafting, hence the nickname. I also work in marketing and run a small team of creatives that can help you produce your game at a reduced cost without sacrificing the quality.

Dragon Burn Designs

Makers of fun & functional dice boxes, dice trays, dice towers, dice launchers & other accessories for Dungeons and Dragons & other Tabletop Role Playing Games.

Hipsters & Dragons

Hipsters & Dragons started as a blog that wished to emphasise the creative, cool and social aspects of roleplaying…. but quickly got immersed in the nerdy stuff (mechanics, optimisation and game theory!). If you love D&D discussion, go and subscribe to enjoy posts on rules analysis, character builds and adventure design. The author (Duncan Rhodes) also shares much of his own homebrew, and has published numerous best-selling adventures and supplements on the DMs Guild.