Support the Blog

What I do in this blog is for free. I like writing and giving back to the community and that’s my way of doing it. The content I put on this blog will be always free.

However, there are some costs behind the blog and also some things my budget can’t afford at the moment. So if you like what I do here and would like to support me, there are a few ways to do that.

If you’re using any of the One Bookshelf sites you can use my affiliate links. There will be no extra cost for you but you’ll be helping me a bit.


Moreover, you will be seeing Amazon links from time to time as well. They work just like the One Bookshelf links.

Also, I have started curating a store at TeePublic. I currently don’t have any designs of my own but I will be updating the designs I’m curating from time to time to keep things fresh.


In case you are Humble Bundle fans I’ve also become a partner with them. I did this because they seem to be releasing a lot of tabletop RPG related bundles lately. Whenever such a bundle is released I’ll make sure to let you know.

I have also set up a Ko-fi account if you want to make a donation.


Finally, another way to support me is by sharing my content. If you liked one my articles you are more than welcome to share it. It helps more than you may think.