The Blog

The Kind GM started as a blog in 2015 because Chris wanted to write about his experiences as a GM and a player, as well as share anything that could be useful regarding the hobby. It is now slowly evolving into a multi-author blog since Chris is forcing kindly requesting from his friends to write as well.

Our content includes tabletop RPG related news, reviews, and discussions, as well as content GMs and players will find useful, such as maps, tips, and ready-to-use material. We are dedicated to improving the quantity, quality, and diversity of the content we provide.

Posting Schedule

We try to have at least one new post per week but life always finds a way to mess with that.

The People

Chris – The Founder

Articles by Chris

I was introduced to Roleplaying Games in 2014 with D&D 4th Edition. I immediately became enamored of the role of the GM and the whole process of creating places and stories out of thin air. Sharing that with my friends is the cherry on top. When I am not having fun with any of the aspects of the hobby, I work as a computer scientist.

Other hobbies: Boardgames, miniature wargames, book and dice hoarding, all the food, photography

Anastasios – The Author

Articles by Anastasios

Anastasios started having a very active role on the blog when Chris had to complete his mandatory military duty. Since then he has been forced decided to stay and help Chris with the articles. He has made many appearances on videos, podcast episodes, and The Kind GM publications. When not writing, Anastasios is a computer scientist.

Other hobbies: Avoiding Chris’ incredibly bad puns, video games, streaming, making the best banana bread

Nicole – The New Author

Articles by Nicole

Nicole has been providing moral support, and proofreading services, since the beginning but she was recently officially recruited as well in order to help around with the blog. She likes playing Barbarian characters and making pets out of everything that has sharp teeth and wants to destroy the world. When not being nagged by Chris to help with writing, she is a bullet journal sorceress of the highest caliber.

Other hobbies: Stationery collecting, video games, scrapbooking, sketching