D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 6 – Favorite deity

I’m a couple of minutes late. I didn’t manage to finish the article on time because I had to prepare for my players to come and after the game I had to clean up. Anyway, on the 6th day of the D&D 30 Day Challenge I will be talking about my favorite deity.
5th Edition does not provide enough content about the gods. The Player’s Handbook talks very little about them and also provides a list for a couple of pantheons. The Dungeon Master’s Guide talks about different kinds of religions but no further info is provided about the gods except for their domains. I don’t like this. I am the kind of person that gives great value to lore. But it’s not the time to talk about that. I’m here to talk about my favorite deity. I opened the 4th Edition’s Players Handbook since I knew there was a small section that talked a little more about deities and I looked for the Raven Queen.

Yes, my favorite deity is the Raven Queen, goddess of death and winter. Her domain is death but she is not evil. For her and her followers death is a natural part of life. That’s why she also protects the dead from undeath. She is also the goddess of winter. I believe, apart from the obvious reason that winter is the season that many things die, another reason winter is also her domain is because she expects her followers to show no pity for the dead. They have to be cold and emotionless when facing death.

Her greatest enemy is Orcus, Demon Prince of the undead, who is always pursuing here throne. That’s one more reason for me to like the Raven Queen. Orcus is one of the Demon Lords I like the least.

This is my favorite deity. I hope a book will come out that will talk more about deities. Maybe a Dungeon Master’s Guide 2 could be a good place to talk about that. Anyway, in the morning I will be back talking about my favorite edition.

So until then, have fun!

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