Quick Update – Fistful of Coppers

Just a quick update on something that may interest you.

Last week a few DMs Guild creators released a collection of best selling products, called A Fistful of Coppers. It’s not just adventures but supplements ranging from trinkets and magic items to fleshed out taverns and stores.

I’m letting you know this because these are some talented creators and I know it’s worth giving it a look. Plus, it’s on one third of their price.

By the way, I’ve already reviewed a few of the products you can find in the collection so you can check these reviews out to get an idea of what you’ll be getting:

Actually, I’ve been planning to review a few more of them, so you’ll see individual reviews at some point.

That’s all for now. I’ll most probably be back on Wednesday with another review.

And until next time, have fun!

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