Dungeon Master Jam #2

Ready for round two?

I had hinted the Dungeon Master Jam would be back soon and now it’s here. DrBackflip is hosting the second Dungeon Master Jam which begins on the 1st of June. It will run until the 14th of June and then the submissions will be judged. The judges will be the same like in the first one. So that means the judges are DrBackflipTerminally Nerdy, and yours truly.

While the concept is the same there have been some changes in order to make the Jam and the submissions better. The submission rules are much more concrete now and I believe that is going to help both the creators and the judges a lot. You can check them out here.

Why should you enter the Jam? Well, apart from the $100 prize pool, you will be part of a community that’s focused on adventure design and you’ll get to create your own adventure. At the end of the Jam you will receive input from the judges on your submission so you can improve.

And here are two links you may find useful. This is a link for the discord server of the Jam. There you can chat with other participants and the judges.

The other link is really interesting as well. Each Jam uses a few themes that are voted from a list. And here you can actually vote for this Jam’s themes.


I believe I’ve been convincing enough.

And until next time, have fun!

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