DMs Guild Review – Treasured Finds

Treasured Finds is a supplement by Cawood Publishing.

This supplement is meant to help with loot, by providing various roll tables and ready treasure hoards. It is, technically, divided into two general sections but I will be dividing my review into more.

All the tables are divided in four challenge rating tiers; 0-4, 5-10, 11-16, and 17+.

Individual Tables

The individual tables are divided in coins and magic items. The coin tables are d100 tables that contain various amounts of coins. The magic item tables are d100 tables that contain magic items. This section is pretty simple.

Treasure Hoard Tables

This is a more complex and more helpful section of the supplement. It contains curated hoards and each entry follows a specific format. There is a one line description of what the chest looks like, information on whether it is locked or trapped (in case it’s trapped, there’s a description of the trap), and finally there is the treasure table. The table is a d20 one with 10 entries, which means that for each chest there are 10 possible hoards.

Each challenge rating tier gets 8 entries, meaning there are 80 options per challenge rating tier.


Guardians are monsters and NPCs that stand between the characters and the loot. There are two types of guardians. The first ones are monsters and come in four d100 tables, categorized by the aforementioned challenge rating tiers. Each table contains 50 entries.

Next come the NPC guardians. They are 24 in number and each one takes up one page because, apart from their stat block they also come with a character bio, that includes information about their personality, appearance, flaws, etc.

Mechanics wise, they are build as actual characters, so they have class levels. This can make them a bit more resilient and deadly than usual.

These can be really useful and not just as treasure guardians. Ready to use NPCs can always come handy and could be good rivals for the characters.

Miscellaneous Treasure Tables

The last section contains more random roll tables to increase the variety of the hoards. There are tables that provide locations where the hoards can be found, various containers to use instead of chests, as well as many tables with weapons, armor, adventuring gear, and mundane items. These could be used to make some “fake” treasure hoards.

The Art

The cover of the supplement is really beautiful. There is also a lot of art inside the supplement. There is art depicting various items and monsters. But the best part is the NPC art in the NPC guardian section. My favourite piece is a human fighter that seems to be under control by a mind flayer that is standing behind them. Along with that NPC’s description, it leaves a lot of room to get creative with that character.

Final Words

Treasured Finds is a supplement that cuts down the prep time and also provides on the fly options for your sessions. If you like using tables and don’t mind using randomized loot, then you should definitely give this one a look.

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