DMs Guild Review: Ten-Towns Expanded

Ten-Towns Expanded is a supplement by Patrick Rehse, aiming to enrich the Ten-Towns area of Icewind Dale.

The supplement is designed specifically with the Rime of the Frostmaiden adventure in mind and references events in it, but it is obviously useful in any other adventure taking place in the Icewind Dale. Let’s take a look at what it contains in a bit more detail.

In the Introduction, we get some quick summaries of several topics, such as the overall situation in Ten-Towns and the new hardships that have arisen due to the events in the Rime of the Frostmaiden adventure, as well as some information about travel, merchants, and other mundane but important things.

After this, we get a chapter of each town in alphabetic order. Each town has a short overview of its history, as well as three distinct ratings: Friendliness, showing how welcome the player characters (or any other outsiders) are, Services, giving a quick look of what you can find in terms of shops (supplies, gear, et cetera), and finally Comfort, showing what options the players have in terms of housing and food – inns, taverns, and the like. This is obviously very useful to get a grasp of each town in a single glance.

We then go into a bit more detail. Each town has several notable locations, be they shops, temples, or just an interesting spot. Some towns and locations might also include encounters, both combat and not. The non-combat encounters (well, non-combat unless the players decide otherwise) are all quite fun and interesting, and can be used in many other situations – pretty much in every urban location in my opinion.

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Finally, we have 2 appendices, containing various roll tables for encounters, as well as some further information and plot hooks for the Frost Maiden adventure.

Something I noticed that I found quite nice is that Patrick has several links and references to other publications for various things – the official Rime of the Frostmaiden adventure, of course, but also DMs Guild titles as well as other official publications like older adventures and magazines. This really gives a lot more options to expand Ten-Towns and Icewind Dale even more. Finally, the product is very well edited, and includes several pieces of great art – portraits, landscapes, items, and more.

Overall, Ten-Towns Expanded is a supplement that i wholeheartedly suggest if you plan on running the Rime of the Frostmaiden adventure: it gives a lot of options to make the area more lively and immersive, as well as giving players a few more stuff to do on the side. It also has a Fantasy Grounds version!

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