I ran a Christmas one-shot

I really wanted to run a holiday themed session for my players. But I didn’t have any time to create one. You see, since we got some free time, we decided to play as many sessions of our main campaign as possible – in our case, two. And the only time we could play the holiday session was between the two others. So what am I supposed to do? Find an awesome holiday one-shot on the internet, of course!

A quick google search revealed me a tribality article with a list of holiday themed adventures. I chose their D&D 5e adventure called The Darkest Night. It’s a pretty straightforward and easy adventure so I decided to ask two fellow students, with no experience on RPGs, if they wanted to give it one shot(Did you get it?! Did you?! Ah, I’m terrible…). I was not disappointed over my decision.

My regular and new players gave it all and roleplayed a lot. It was a very pleasant surprise for me, because my regulars don’t roleplay that much, since we haven’t gotten used to it yet. I blame the holiday mood and Christmas decoration for this, and also the fact that it was a one-shot so they were relaxed. Everyone had a lot of fun that day and told me they really enjoyed the session.

Let’s talk about the adventure for a moment, too. As I said, it’s a pretty straightforward adventure. You have to save a Santa-like character from a vile demon, Krampus, that has taken over his workshop. There are 3 encounters in this adventure. The first one is a combat encounter with monsters that have a ranged attack, a melee attack and an ability that allows them to hide. The next one gives the players freedom to choose how to  handle a situation that may lead to avoiding another battle, or not. And the last one is a boss battle with “fun” abilities. I don’t want to fully describe the adventure. Go ahead and check it out. All in all, I believe it is a fun adventure, friendly for new players, that introduces different mechanics in a simple way. The only con – well not exactly a con – I found is that it was a little short. However, this is solvable by checking out the comment section of the article, where there are some suggestions for making the adventure a bit longer. The one I liked, and used, is the one where Krampus starts flying towards the town and you have to follow him.

I like season themed adventures and I want to run them whenever possible. This was the first time I had the chance to do it, but it’s definitely not the last. Next time, I hope I’ll have the time to create my own adventure and, hopefully, upload it here, too.

Until next time, have fun and happy holidays!


P.S: I was planning to post this earlier, but I went on a small trip for a couple of days and things fell back a little. So, as you can imagine, I didn’t make it in time to finish my entry for the homebrew contest. But that doesn’t mean I won’t finish and upload it here.

4 thoughts on “I ran a Christmas one-shot

  1. Hi, I wanted to take your advice on making this one-shot a bit longer. However, I went and looked at the comments on the original article and none of them mention how to lengthen it. Do you happen to remember more specifics on how to expand upon it? Thanks!

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    • I didn’t have to make it any longer so I ran it as is. I would suggest making the workshop bigger. Add a trap or a puzzle(Krampus had some time to prepare defenses) and a couple more encounters.
      You could also add some sort of social encounter or a game in the town before the characters learn the news about Krampus.
      Lastly, you could add some content during the journey towards the workshop but it would be best if you didn’t use random encounters.


    • I used it for a party of four adults, 2 of which were totally new players. Everyone liked it. It took us around 3 hours to finish it.
      I enjoyed running it and I look forward to seeing the expanded version.


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