Battle Map – Cave Mine

Anastasios here, with my first attempts at an Inkarnate battlemap.

In this map, we have a part of a mine, laid with tracks, opening up in a natural cave with an underground river. A small room has been dug out and walled to keep supplies, and mining operations are well underway. Of course, mines often attract all sorts of trouble – from goblins, kobolds and bandits, to more esoteric threats; after all, who knows what lurks underground?

There’s a mixture of open and closed spaces, with the very open top side, and the tight corridor and small room in the bottom side. The bridge can obviously be very important in the case of a combat encounter, acting as the only way to pass over the river. In addition, the rails and carts can add a bit more fun if the players decide to mess around with them.

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I’m considering expanding the map in the future, perhaps connecting to a larger mine/rail network on the bottom side, and an open cavern system on the top side. Inkarnate works pretty well, but aligning all the rail pieces was a massive pain – I wish there was some sort of “snap to grid” system to make things easier. Still, in the end Ι managed it and I think they look pretty smooth. Besides that, using Inkarnate was quite easy and straightforward, although as with anything it takes some getting used to.

Grid version as well!
Creative Commons License

Cartography by Christos Karelis, also known as The Kind GM, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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