DMs Guild Review: Shadow & Twilight – A Shadowfell & Feywild Supplement

Shadow & Twilight is a supplement by Daniel Kay containing new creatures, spells, character options, as well as general information concerning the other worlds of Feywild and Shadowfell.

At over 200 pages long, this is quite an extensive supplement, divided into 4 parts. We’ll skip the introduction and go straight to Chapter 2, which is all about Shadowfell. We get some quite detailed information about the general landscape of the plane, notable locations within it, and factions that inhabit them, as well as other planes that have a strong connection to Shadowfell. In addition, there are various effects, plot hooks, and encounters you can use when traveling through. Most importantly, however, there are also some new character options that are definitely very interesting: becoming a ghost, achieving lichdom, and turning into a vampire. All three of them have a LOT of detail, including many different subtypes and how each one is achieved (or inflicted). Finally, there are plenty of important NPCs that inhabit Shadowfell for your perusal, including roleplaying tips and – thankfully for many, I would assume, me included – a pronunciation guide at the end.

Chapter 3 follows the same structure, but for the Feywild: landscape, fey crossings, locations, encounters, NPCs, et cetera. In the character options, we get Fey Bargains: after making a deal with a particular fey, you gain a boon or positive effect, such as casting a spell without expending a spell slot – but they also come with a significant downside. There are instructions on making your own Fey Bargains, as well as how to handle ending such a bargain… which is usually the hard part.

Finally, we get the Bestiary, about 150 pages of brand new monsters, creatures, and characters. These range from a CR of 1/4 all the way to 25, including characters such as Queen Titania and the Raven Queen. Each entry has of course a statblock, lore, and tactics, with several of them also having optional legendary actions and variants, as well as some new spells. Every creature also had some accompanying art. Some of the art was great, some was not so good, but to be honest I don’t think it subtracts from the rest of the content at all.

Overall, Shadow & Twilight is an excellent and very rich in content supplement, that I definitely encourage you to check out if you want to involve and play around with the Fey in your game.

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