D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 30 – Best playing/DMing experience

Hey all! It’s the last day, day 30, of the D&D 30 Day challenge! And today I’m here to talk about my best playing and/or DMing experience. I’m going to talk about my best playing experience since I’m planning to write about my DMing experiences some other time. Let’s begin!

My best playing experience is also my first playing experience. A friend of mine invited me to play D&D with some of his friends. I believe the edition was 3.5. We were a party of five. A wizard, a ninja(I think), a rogue, a fighter and me, a shaman. I think the only one with previous gaming experience was the fighter, the DM’s brother, so all the others needed help with making our characters. The DM was very helpful and patient so, in the end, everyone was happy with their character.

The game was a one-shot set in Eberron. A still working Warforged factory was found deep in a desert/canyon/labyrinth(I can’t remember exactly what it was but I think it must have been in the Mournland) and we were tasked to work as a vanguard and capture it before anyone else did. So we boarded an awesome airship and the adventure started. While being on the airship, some roleplaying took place between me and the fighter. Also, some pick pocketing from the rogue and the ninja freed a magic item and some gold from the airship captain’s possession. After that, we reached our destination.

Since the winds made it impossible for the airship to land, we had to use a rope ladder. Well, some did better than others so not everyone landed on their face like me. Once everyone was down and on their feet we started traversing the canyon/labyrinth that was before us. After a while we found a fork on the road. One path had scratch marks on its walls while the other had traces of something being dragged on the ground. We couldn’t decide where to go and the fighter decided to follow the second path. After a minute or two of more thinking we followed him and found him fighting some goblins.

There were five or six goblins. I remember being so pumped up since it was my first fight. The fight went pretty well and we killed all the goblins but one, which decided it was time to run away. We started chasing it but it was faster so we started throwing our weapons at it. It miraculously avoided a battleaxe and a huge war totem and jumped behind a chest that was lying on the ground where the drag marks ended. While we were trying to pick up our weapons, it opened the chest and attacked us with a wand by casting a lightning spell(don’t know which one). However, its luck ended when the rogue rolled a 20 and a crossbow bolt was planted in its forehead.

We continued our journey and finally found the entrance to the factory. Its huge gates were open and there was a goblin guarding it. We decided that once the goblin turned its back on us, we would throw a rope with a loop on its end so we could catch it from its neck and drag it fast towards us. The plan went pretty well and a critical from the fighter made sure the goblin would not make a sound.

By getting closer to the gates we discovered that there were more goblins and had made a camp in the middle of the giant room. The rogue and ninja went into action and stealthily moved to an advantageous position while the rest of us waited for the signal. When the two of them where ready we charged and finished the goblins pretty quickly.

Once the room was clear we moved to the next one. That one was a puzzle which I don’t remember very clearly. The room’s walls, floor and ceiling was made by plates of different colors. By moving on one you were teleported to another and if you had picked the right one you were okay. If you had picked a wrong one you would take some damage and its type would depend on the plate you were teleported, I think. After a bit of thinking we figured it out and we were out of that room.

Then we reached what I believe was the main forge, since there were huge furnaces. And in the middle of the room was a figure and next to it a huge adamantine golem. The figure was a Warforged, I think, and a follower of the Lord of Blades that had tasked him to capture the factory. So we had to fight him. The problem was not the Warforged, even though it was a caster. The problem was the huge golem that was with it and almost killed the rogue and the ninja in one hit. The Warforged was killed some time between the rogue and the ninja falling unconscious, so the wizard, the fighter and me had to finish off the golem. Fortunately, I had some healing spells that kept the other two up and running so we finally destroyed the golem and managed to give first aid to our unconscious companions.

And after that, just like in every successful story, the main force arrived and secured the factory. We got the golem and left. Of course we would take it. It was an adamantine one! Imagine all the magnificent weapons and armor we would make if the game wasn’t a one-shot. Oh, we also got some gold but that’s irrelevant.

The whole adventure, including character creation, took about 6 hours. The DM was amazing. The way he roleplayed the airship captain and the Warforged was amazing. The way he described every place and situation was exceptional as well. From a discussion I had with him later I found out that he was DMing for a long time and recently he had finished a campaign that lasted TWO YEARS. I can’t even imagine that.

So that was my best playing experience. I hope one day someone writes about his experience with my DMing and hopefully that will be a good one.And that concludes the D&D 30 Day Challenge. I will probably do more challenges in the future but, for now, I will try to create more quality content. And that means that I won’t be able to post every day. Anyway, I hope you had as much fun as I did and look forward to my next articles.

So until next time, have fun!

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