DMs Guild Review: Encounters In The Savage Frontier

Encounters In The Savage Frontier is a collection of twenty four encounters set in the Savage Frontier of the Forgotten Realms.

It is a supplement created by the collaboration of nine authors. The names Chris Bissette, Glen Cooper, Richard Jansen-Parkes, Josh Kelly, JVC Parry, Tony Petrecca and Jeff C. Stevens are known in the DMs Guild. There are also two new contributors, Ken Carcas and Jean A. Headley. This means that this supplement grants a great opportunity to experience the writing and DMing style of various authors of the DMs Guild.

The layout and the editing are very good. The encounters themselves are great. There is a balance between exploration, combat and roleplaying. The Challenge Rating of most of them is between 1 and 7. However, some of them aren’t meant for a specific Challenge Rating and others can be easily adjusted according to your needs.200486

The variety of the encounters is remarkable. Some of them can be a session by themselves and others can be used as a random encounter while the characters are traveling. There are NPCs, places, situations, new monsters and magic items you can throw at your players any time you want. You can easily just use parts of them or even combine them. And not only that, but many of them are open for further development by the DM. Also, while they may be meant to be used in the Savage Frontier, it’s pretty easy to fit them in any campaign.

This great variety is caused partly by the number of authors. Each one of them has unique ideas and even tackles the same situations in a different way. For example, a couple of the encounters may start with the same initial idea but their way of execution is quite different.

As for the art, the cover art is amazing. Also, most of the encounters have at least a small piece of art accompanying them. Moreover, a map is provided for the encounters that need one.

Overall, Encounters In The Savage Frontier is an exceptional product and I highly recommend it. Especially since the value you can get out of it compared to its price is so good.

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