DMs Guild Review – Minotaur’s Bargain

Minotaur’s Bargain is an adventure for a party of 3-5 characters of level 4 to 5, by P.B. Publishing.

The Story

This adventure is the first part of The Minotaur Trilogy. The characters are tasked with asking for help from a Minotaur settlement in order to protect a city from an orc invasion. However, things don’t go as planned and they end up having to prove their honor in the Minotaurs’ arena. And this is where the adventure takes place.

The Encounters

There are five rooms in the arena and there’s one encounter for each of them. The first four aren’t simple combat encounters. Instead, they combine environmental threats with Magic mirror with foggy on wood wall.some combat. The last one is a combat encounter but a dangerous one. How difficult the last one will be also depends on how well the characters will fare in the others. That’s not only​ because of the damage they may take but also because there’s a chance they will get levels of exhaustion.

It’s important to note that there’s a catch to all that. Each character may bring only one item with them into the arena. When I say item, I mean anything from a piece of armor to a trinket. Of course, they may try to bring more but it’s not sure they’ll make it. In general, the encounters are well made but not fair. If they were, it would ruin the whole idea of being in an arena to prove your honor.

The Art

Apart from the cover art, which is very beautiful, there are a few more pieces of art depicting Minotaurs. All of them are great. There are also some well drawn maps of the rooms the characters will explore. 


The Minotaurs

I really like it when I see monsters with “reskinned” personalities. In the Monster Manual, Minotaurs are portrayed as savage beasts that do not form communities and care little for hierarchy. In this adventure, you will see Minotaurs living together and respecting their superiors. Honor is an important thing for them and will put it before almost anything else. Moreover, they are willing to listen to others up to a certain point.


Personally, I prefer Minotaurs being more civilized and honorable than being barbaric beasts born by demonic rites.

Final Words

Overall, Minotaur’s Bargain is a well made adventure. It may prove to be challenging for your players and could force them to think outside the box, instead of just barging into each room and start hacking their way to the next one.

2 thoughts on “DMs Guild Review – Minotaur’s Bargain

  1. Well, you’ve reviewed a fair amount of these DMs Guild products. I realize they target different levels, but if you have to pick out one or two modules that stand out above the rest, which ones would you pick? After all, a lot of your reviews are varying degrees of positive.

    Makes it hard to tell “excellent” from “good”.

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    • It greatly depends on what you want to play. For example I have reviewed two or three adventures that could be fairly easily used to connect your story with Out of the Abyss. Then we have adventures that are very good one shots or fillers in your campaign. And then these are divided based on their theme and location. So I can’t just tell you to get and play a specific one.

      My reviews are varying degrees of positive because the products I write reviews for tend to be good. That’s because I prefer to spend my time writing about a good product. I don’t think I would pass on playing any of the adventures I’ve reviewed. In fact, I have tried most of them and was satisfied.


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