Random Ramblings #1: Random Midweek Thoughts

Random stuff coming in 3…2…1…

Wednesdays are usually when my reviews get posted but this one will be up tomorrow. Instead, I have something very different for today. I just want to talk about a few things I saw this week and also share some random thoughts. I promise, however, most of them are RPG related.

X Marks the Spot. A Plane Shift: Ixalan Adventure

Let’s start with something pleasant. I came across a D&D adventure by Wizards of the Coast based on the plane of Ixalan, from Magic: The Gathering. It’s a quite short adventure, even if the document is 28 pages. The adventure itself takes up around 9 of them and the rest are stat blocks, character art, and pregenerated character sheets. It’s not a bad adventure and the artwork is simply amazing.

I saw some complaints about the length of the adventure but I think I get it. Technically, it’s target is probably Magic: The Gathering players. It’s a small adventure, with everything you will possibly need included, to be ran in order to introduce new players by using a familiar setting. That’s a great idea, in my opinion. You should give it a look. It’s free so you’ve got nothing to lose. At least you’ll get some pregenerated characters, along with character art.

Something that troubled me

Apparently, there’s a top 100 RPG blog list thing on a website I’d rather not mention. When I saw it, it wasn’t full so I decided to send my blog for consideration. No harm in trying, right? The next day I received an email informing me that, in order to have my blog on the list, I had to pay a monthly subscription.

I’m not against marketing. Sharing my articles on Twitter is pretty much marketing. And if I wanted to have someone else advertise my blog then it would make sense to pay them. However, paying to have your blog on the list feels a bit wrong, at least to me. Because, even if the blogs are ranked based on some criteria, there can still be some amazing blogs out there that aren’t on the list because they haven’t paid.

Another interesting fact about it is that there aren’t only blogs included in the list. There are forums, subreddits, and youtube channels. I’m okay with some of the forums because they are massive communities and there’s actual and productive talk about RPGs. The subreddits and youtube channels, however, are another thing. Some of them don’t even match the criteria to be included into the list. Why? Because they’re not about RPGs. Well at least they’re not about tabletop RPGs.

This and also the fact that it’s not a full list make me believe that it’s better for me to leave it alone. I’m not going to say anything about the known bloggers mentioned on the list because I’m fairly convinced that they didn’t pay and probably don’t even know they’re included. The list needed at least a few entries before it could be published.

D&D Movie

Let’s move to something more interesting. There’s not much known about the D&D movie that has been announced, but we now know its release date. It’s July 23, 2021. We have about three and half years before it’s out so there’s a lot of time for speculations.

I know the idea of a D&D movie has some bad history but things are different now. And I tend to be lenient with movies. So unless it’s so bad that I can’t even watch it, I will probably enjoy it.

Kobold Press Creature Codex Kickstarter

I have convinced myself to back this project. Kobold Press is experienced in running Kickstarter projects so that was not a problem. This is a good opportunity to get the Tome of Beasts as well, since it’s a book I need for my collection and toolkit. By the way, it appears that Kobold Press has already made a call for playtesters.

I had two concerns about backing this project, but none of them were about Kobold Press. The first one was that I would probably go over my RPG budget. This isn’t something I can fix so it’s a matter of whether or not I’m fine with that.

The second concern is about shipping. I had some issues this summer with a shipping company that decided to charge me a lot more than the customs fees. I could definitely not afford that so I didn’t get what I had ordered. Thankfully, it was an Amazon order so, when I explained the situation, I got my money back. After some researching, I found out that it’s a habit of that company to do this so now I’m extra sceptical when it comes to ordering stuff online and from outside the EU. Just to make things clear, I’m totally fine with paying the customs fees. I have bought numerous times from Amazon and other vendors and I never had an issue, because that company wasn’t responsible for the shipping of my order.

Speaking of books

I can’t seem be able to stop myself from wanting books. Not just RPG books but literature as well. The time I spent on reading literature has decreased a lot, so the books I have can keep me going for some time. But when I see an interesting book I immediately want to buy it. And the main issue is that I want to own a physical copy, which then also creates the issue of space. There are various book storing areas in the house but I doubt they can hold more books. A couple of years ago we had to move some of the older ones to the basement. But here I am, drooling over more books. I should probably start making a list or something.

Stuff about the blog

I had some ideas on what to write for the upcoming Fridays, but I’m thinking about rearranging the order. I’d love to do something Christmasy for this Friday. Giving you a holiday themed resource is an idea I find amusing. I will probably go with that.

I also have two more ideas I want to write about. One of them is about the Saboteur. For those who don’t know, I have released a pay what you want Rogue Archetype on the DMs Guild(Check it out. It’s awesome). My plan is to give a bit of insight on it. I’m not going to say anything else because even I don’t have a solid idea in my head.

The second thing I want to write about is actually two things. I have become aware of the existence of two tools that could possibly make the life of the Game Master easier and I’m planning on presenting them here. I’m still tinkering with them because I want to be 100% sure they’re worth your time before presenting them to you, but the results have been really positive.


I’m not planning on leaving my hometown during the holidays. This means that I’ll probably keep posting on the blog regularly. I’m preparing for the exam season so I may miss a post from time to time. You will be able to find me on social media, however, showing off the presents I will receive(or gift myself).

My regular group of players will take a break because most of them will leave, at least for a few days each. This gives me the opportunity to work on improving my prep and maybe playing a session or two using a different system.

And I think that’s all for today. As I said, the review will most (probably) definitely be up tomorrow. To be honest, this was a fun thing to write. I probably enjoyed writing it more than you will enjoy reading it. If you have managed to read up to this point, I congratulate you and grant you one point of inspiration. Madness would be more appropriate but it’s not considered a reward by most. I should stop now. Thank you for reading.

And until next time, have fun!

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