#RPGaDay 2018: Day 17 – Describe the best compliment you’ve had gaming

Let us dispense with the pleasantries and get to the point.

RPG-a-Day 2018

This is going to be a short one because I think I’m getting sick and I’d rather not spend a lot of time on the computer. I’m also going to distort the question a bit…I think.

So, one of the best compliments I’ve ever received was in the form of the frustration of my players. Last October I had created a few pumpkin monsters(this one and also these). They weren’t meant to be that dangerous, apart from the Devourer Pumpkin(I mean, getting swallowed by a pumpkin can be kinda dangerous). I wanted them to be annoying. And I believe I succeeded.

I had arranged a one shot and decided to use them as an encounter at the beginning of the adventure. It worked perfectly. The players were passing through an endless field of pumpkins and didn’t realize they were being watched until it was too late.

While the players managed to get the situation relatively under control, it took them some time to actually finish off every pumpkin. They could hide extremely well in their environment and that pretty much lead the characters to use overkill spells to finally end the encounter.

It may sound really annoying but the players told me they had quite a bit of fun with that encounter. And that was a great compliment for me, because these monsters were a big experiment for me and I was happy to know I got them right.

And that’s my answer for today’s question. I’d love to know what kind of compliments you’ve had gaming. I’m especially interested in compliments you’ve received as players.

Tomorrow’s question is about art that inspires my game. Using art for inspiration is a great idea. I’ve created a one shot just by using pieces of art to help me figure out the story. But more of that tomorrow.

So until then, have fun!

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