Kickstarter – The ADVANCED: Pandemonium, a complete tabletop RPG system

A new RPG by Beirdo Games is currently on Kickstarter.

Pandemonium is a tabletop RPG set in a dystopian world, shattered and torn asunder by the chaos of global war. The world is now seperated into different layers, each one floating outside the core, only kept in place by a mystical device placed around the heart of the planet right before it was destroyed.

Before the wars, technological warfare had reached its peak. Now, in the wake of all this destruction, the weapons of the past are commonly found; whereas previously common machinery has become rare, making menial tasks like farming and mining much more difficult.

The Gods left the world to prevent it from being destroyed. When they departed, they left behind vast amounts of their energy known as Aether. Certain individuals, known as the ADVANCED, can shape this energy into various forms, with most using it to create weaponry through a mystical technology known as Weaponized Augmentation Runes, or WAR.

Beirdo Games have been working on The ADVANCED Pandemonium for quite some time now. The rules are complete and have gone through various updates. You can take a look at what the system looks like here. The work left for the Kickstarter is for stretch and community goals.

I’m always happy to see new creators bring forth new ideas. I will try to post a review on the system because it’s quite interesting. I highly suggest checking it out.

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