Humble Book Bundle – Write Like a Writer by Adams Media

Level up your writing skill.

While I’m technically a a partner at Humble Bundle (which means this post will contain referral links) I share bundles very rarely. That’s because I know you’re here for tabletop related stuff, which I want to respect. But some of you may be interested in this so I thought I should at least mention it.

This bundle contains a ton of books about improving your writing. I want to improve my writing so I thought I’d give them a go. I just got the first tier for $1 just to see if the books are worth it. This tier contains 9 books which translates to about 2.5 thousand pages.

I don’t know what to expect because some of them seem to focus on aspects of writing that I’m not sure will help me with what I’m interested in. But 2.5 thousand pages for $1 wasn’t a bad deal. And if I like the way the books are written I can upgrade to another tier that has some more interesting books.

In case you get the bundle, or already own some of the books let me know what you think about them. Did they help you with your writing?

You can check the bundle here.

4 thoughts on “Humble Book Bundle – Write Like a Writer by Adams Media

  1. I got the bundle and am on book one now “Grammar Sucks”. I like the book, it’s fairly light and funny but it’s more of a general writing; so it does speeches, resumes and so forth so it’s not really what I’m after. I’m going to try a bit more writing directed one next and hope that’s better. I’m not complaining, it’s a decent grammar book, not sure how much will stick, and I’ve got plenty more for a good price. Even if one or two of them are any good I’d probably be happy.

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    • Thank you for the info. I haven’t had the chance to check any of the books out because I wrote this right after I got the bundle. I’m thinking about starting with “A Writer’s Space” because the description is quite interesting.

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