Kickstarter – The Adventurer’s Guide to Theria Volume 1: Ellara

Five days left to back this project.

This Kickstarter project comes from the creators of the “Dungeons and Randomness” podcast. What they bring you now is the setting they have been playing in for 7 years. To be more precise, this is the first setting book and covers continent most prominently featured on the show, called Ellara.

There are many details of the book we are very excited about, including:

All new beasts, monsters, items and encounters.

Over 200 characters from the show, including player characters.

The demonic pantheon, a Therian concept that has yet to be fully explored on the show.

A deep-delve into every town and city on the continent, spanning several unique climates.

An exploration of the intricate web of history, featuring world-changing events from during and before the show.

Much, much more Therian-based content!

The project has already reached its goal so the question lies on how many stretch goals will be unlocked. An interesting one is close to be unlocked and it’s the Psion class. It’s always interesting to see someone’s take on how to portray psionic powers in D&D.

You can check out a 33 page preview of the book here. It shows good quality in the art, layout, and writing of the book. And, of course, you can check out the project itself here.

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