Giant Book of Battle Mats

The Giant Book of Battle Mats is a map accessory by Loke BattleMats.

I have a new video for you. It’s a flip through and review of the Giant Book of Battle Mats. It includes a lot of commentary on the 62 maps featured in the book.

The word “giant” isn’t an exaggeration because the book is A3 sized. Carrying it to the sessions can be a challenge but it’s part of the fun.

The maps are arranged so that they can be used as a two page spread if needed. And if you really like them, you can buy multiple copies of the book and put them next to each other. Though, in that case, you would need a large table.

Moreover, the maps come with a 1 inch grid and are laminated so you can use a wet or dry erase markers on them.

This is the last video I’ll be doing for some time, because I’m leaving on Monday for my military service. I believe you are going to enjoy both the review and the sidetracking that takes place as I take a look at the maps with Anastasios.

Finally, I want to thank Loke BattleMats for sending this beast of a book all the way to Greece. Shooting the review video was really fun.

And until next time, have fun!

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