Kickstarter – Role: A New Kind of Platform For The RPG Community

Role is a new platform for tabletop RPG gaming. It promises to offer some much needed features, especially now that with COVID-19 online gaming has become even more essential.

Role began as an iOS app that attracted over 100,000 users, and is now turning to Kickstarter to fund development of a more advanced, browser-based platform. As more play is happening remotely than ever before, Role is presenting an innovative alternative to existing digital play options.

Boasting a player-centric interface, Role will launch with features such as high-quality video chat, dynamic modular character sheets, a creator-driven marketplace with a binary recommendation system, and a matching system for players and GMs. Role will also launch with exclusive modules for Magpie Games’s ​Masks, ​Massif Press’s ​Lancer, ​and Swordsfall’s ​Tikor, and exclusive new standalone games from Sword Queen Games, Skullfungus, and Role’s own internal publishing division.

Apart from the player features, it is going to offer an open marketplace where creators can provide their games, along with a recommendation engine.

Overall, what Role is promising to create for the RPG community is something I’m very excited about, and I believe it’s something the community will greatly benefit from.

The project has 8 days left so I suggest checking it out soon.

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