DMs Guild Review: Oath of the Voidwalker

The Oath of the Voidwalker is a paladin archetype from CritAcademy, aiming for a more “gray” feeling rather than the common perception of “pure good” paladins.

Theme & Mechanics

The stereotype of “super-morally-good” paladin I mentioned earlier isn’t as widespread as it might have used to, especially since we have archetypes like Oath of Vengeance in the PHB and even more with Oath of Conquest in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. The Oath of the Voidwalker continues in a similar vein of a more morally grey archetype.

Voidwalkers are primarily concerned with maintaining balance, particularly when it comes to souls receiving their judgement after death in the Fugue Plane. To that extent, they might do things that other paladins might find distasteful or even downright abhorrent, especially since they also believe that good and evil must also be balanced with each other. Overall, they have an interesting theme, mixing the aforementioned “the end justifies the means” feel with something similar to the Horizon Walkers from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything- protectors against extraplanar threats.

The archetype is quite balanced in terms of mechanics, placing particular focus on mobility. There is access to multiple forms of teleportation, both through features and the oath spells, connecting to the extraplanar theme I mentioned before. Despite having a similar theme conceptually to Vengeance and Conquest, the features aren’t geared for aggression and damage. They also aren’t focused on directly supporting and buffing your teammates, but rather control of the fight with your high unimpeded mobility through teleportation and various other disruption effects.

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Editing, Layout, and Art

The layout and editing are quite well done, without any errors I could see and resulting in a text similar to the official releases which is easy to read. I want to make a special note about the art, which is excellent; the monochrome figures accented with the purple surroundings make for some very striking images, and in general the way everything is drawn is very imposing and mysterious. Overall, a great selection of art that perfectly encapsulates the feel of the archetype.

Final Words

All in all, the Oath of the Voidwalker is an interesting paladin archetype with a lot of potential, both in terms of mechanics and roleplay. I wholeheartedly suggest checking it out if such a concept seems appealing to you.

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