DMs Guild Review: Target Run

Target Run is a short comedic adventure by Geoffry Golden for 1st tο 4th level characters.

This fun story revolves around a sport called Alligan, which is considered kind of an exclusive elf sport for high society. Overall, it’s a pretty lighthearted, low-stakes adventure: if someone gets killed, something probably went really wrong. The players meet a dwarf called Tasvan, who’s a really big fan of the sport and heading towards a resort called Overtop Heights, where she hopes to be allowed to participate in Alligan even though she knows she won’t be received very kindly by the elitist sun elves there. She will ask the players to help her and even offer some quite substantial monetary encouragement.

When the party arrives at Overtop heights, they are met with Yerbalar, the supremely arrogant Alligan champion, who isn’t really receptive to Tasvan’s dream. However, he can be persuaded (or, more accurately, goaded into) to give her a chance: she and the players will play against him and his team for a chance to join the Alligan team.

From there, the party must make their preparations for the match, whatever those are – and there are some suggestions included of course – as well as becoming involved with some pixies who were the previous inhabitants of the area, but were kicked out by the elves. Predictably, they want to get back at them and reclaim their home, although with mostly harmless pranks.

After the big match, there are several possible endings depending on whether you won or lost versus Yerbalar, as well as depending on how that happened. There are also different possible resolutions of the pixies’ conflict.

There are statblocks for almost every NPC, including detailed ones for the opposing team, as well as several maps by Dyson Logos. The characters are all quite fun with their own personalities, especially Tasvian who is a bit of a fangirl about Alligan, which leads to fun situations and interactions with both the players and the other NPCs.

Overall, Target Run is a short and fun story that can be a good one-shot or a relaxing break between other adventures.

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