Kickstarter: Augmented Arcana

Augmented Arcana is a project by Raj Sidhu that launches on the 25th of January, containing a set of spell cards for DnD 5e that, when viewed through the accompanying app, bring the sells to life through Augmented Reality.

From what we can see so far, this looks pretty amazing. Augmented reality is by no means easy to implement, and the effects shown (which you can also see below) all look very good. Of course, beyond the AR aspect, the cards have the spell descriptions on one side and some great artwork on the other side – which reminds me a bit of those AI-generated images, that fractal-blurry-dreamlike art style that I personally like a lot.

Chill Touch and Eldritch Blast spell cards.

As for the app, from what the promo shows will allow you to scale up and down the AR effect – which allows the cards to actually be used on maps or terrain if you use them, to signify the actual effect of the spell on the battlefield (e.g. a Darkness spell). The promo mentions 24 cards, but I hope in the future (or as part of a stretch goal) we can get some more.

Speaking of the actual kickstarter, if you sign up to for an email notification when it launches, you can get a 20% discount on your pledge – so if you are interested, go to the Augmented Arcana website and leave your email. We don’t have exact information about pledge tiers, rewards, stretch goals, et cetera, but when the Kickstarter goes live, I’ll update the post with more information. For now, keep the discount in mind! It lasts only until Tuesday, so don’t wait until the last moment!


The Augmented Arcana kickstarter is now live, and has already greatly surpassed its original goal of $5000 in the first day – definitely a promising start.

What is offered in terms of content? So far there are two decks of spell cards: Once contains the 24 cantrips in the 5e OGL (keep this in mind – it’s not all cantrips, it’s the ones in the OGL, for obvious reasons), and the other contains 24 “Mysterious Magicks”, cards that do not have spells associated with them but are left for you to fill with whatever you think matches their AR effect. As a bonus kickstarter exclusive, every cantrip deck will also include a card for Call Lightning and Prismatic Spray. I mentioned before that the art reminded me of AI-generated art, and turns out i was correct – it’s all produced by WOMBO AI.

Stretch goals are quite important to mention in this case. There are 4 of them, and each one corresponds to another deck of spells, these ones for level 1 and 2. The first stretch goal is at $50,000, and while it may seem like a lot – especially compared to the original goal of $5000 – I think it’s reasonable considering the amount of effort and resources that needs to go into creating the effects and everything else.

In terms of pledge tiers, things look pretty good. For $15, you get a pdf of the cantrip deck to print and use at home. For $30, you get a deck of your choice – cantrips, mystery, or from the stretch goals. For $50, you get 2 of them, and so on, getting more and more decks at a discount the higher the tier goes.

Finally, the Augmented Arcana app will be free to download and works on iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows, and besides showing the AR effect, it will also support recording and saving video, and scaling the size of the effect. It might also have additional features in the future.

Overall, Augmented Arcana seems like an interesting project, and I suggest you go and give it a look if you are into AR or just like the extra touches of flashiness in your table, virtual or physical.

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