Kickstarter: Villainous Champions of the Shadow Keep

Villainous Champions of the Shadow Keep is a Kickstarter campaign from William Martin and his team.

The project is a DnD 5e supplement over 200 pages long, centered around new options for players who want to create evil characters, including races, items, artifacts, and archetypes, but also new mechanics for creating your evil lair, recruiting monsters/henchmen/minions/followers/whatever you want to call them, as well as an adventure for an evil party for levels 3 to 8.

There are also guidelines for the GM on how to handle things, including premade “heroes” who will try to foil the players’ evil plans by assaulting their lair, which in return must be fortified and reinforced with traps and defenders to protect all the ill-gotten wealth and artifacts stashed inside. As noted in the Kickstarter page, of course, the point of the supplement is not to encourage “murderhobo” behavior, but more of a clandestine (or theatrical, if that’s your style) evilness, growing your organization and your power towards a concrete goal.

The project can include a digital copy of the book, VTT additionals such as maps, tokens, and reference cards, a hardcover book, and a physical tile system to construct lairs on the table. There are also some extras such as a DM screen, a dice set and bag, and an alternate cover for the book.

The project ends on December 22nd, so in 9 days from posting this, so you still have time to check it out. It’s more than fully funded, with several stretch goals reached. PDF copies are estimated to be distributed in August 2023, with physical version following in December of 2023.

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