Humble Book Bundle – Vaesen & Forbidden Lands

A new Humble Bundle is out and I’m here to give you a summary of it.

Vaesen & Forbidden Lands is a book bundle that has a total of 10 items.

Tired of playing the hero? Same old story about saving the day and completing missions? Forbidden Lands is going to test your surviving skills to the fullest.

Make your mark on the cursed world of Forbidden Lands, the open-world survival fantasy RPG, along with a campaign book, adventures, and more resources to enhance your party’s experience.

Vaesen is all about Nordic myths and I consider it a wonderful addition to any horror RPG collection. Are you afraid of the dark? Do you check under your bed before sleeping? Do you like to investigate the supernatural? Are Grimms’ fairy tales your thing? Then this bundle is for you!

Discover realms of Nordic horror in Vaesen, the grim RPG based on the myths of Scandinavia, plus a book of bone-chilling cases and the Mythic Britain & Ireland expansion.

You can find the bundle here, which ends around the 20th of January. At the moment, the price is around €16.90 for everything.

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