Kickstarter – Apocalisse

Apocalisse – John’s Guide to Armageddon for 5E is a project by Acheron Books, about the literal, biblical End Times.

The project is mostly split into 3 different books. John’s Guide to Armageddon is the setting book, containing the full description of the world and all its factions, secrets, et cetera. You’ve got everything – the Seven Seals, the Four Horsemen, and all the staples of the biblical apocalypse. It also contains new mechanics for 5e such as Mark Dice and various Relics and character options. Monsters of the Apocalypse is the bestiary, fully compatible with anything 5e. Finally, the Book of Revelation is an artbook, as well as the actual, well, Book of Revelation.

The digital versions of all 3 books are about $31, while for physical copies that rises to $96 – however, this includes only John’s Guide to Armageddon and Monsters of the Apocalypse. Higher tiers get you the Book of Revelation as well as several other things, such as dice, cards, GM screens, et cetera, with the option to choose what you want as well.

The Kickstarter campaign ends on March 3rd, so there are only about 7 days left at the time of writing this – however, the project is more than funded, sitting at over $200k of the original $26k with almost all stretch goals reached as well.


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