Kickstarter: Monsters of the Dungeon

Monsters of the Dungeon is the newest project by Cawood Publishing for DnD 5e, and the 6th installment to their bestselling Monsters series.

The book will be around 160-175 pages, with over 100 new monsters – and a lot more. Following the usual format of the series, the book is divided in 7 different categories for various types of dungeons, including Arcane, Castle, Manor, Thieves’ Guild, Tomb, Wilderness and Mountain. Besides the monsters themselves (all of them with full color illustrations!) each chapter will also contain encounter tables, event tables, various locations, quest ideas, magic items, with stretch goals to add even more. Furthermore, something that’s quite exciting is the fact that there will be conversions for Pathfinder 2 and other RPGs for the content.

The Kickstarter runs until May 26, and if you’re familiar with the quality of work Cawood Publishing puts out you know it won’t disappoint. The pdf version is CA$20, so about US$15 or 13,5€, with a softcover physical version at CA$37 and a hardcover at CA$47, which I appreciate the option for. In addition, if you’ve missed out on their previous titles, there are some pretty cheap bundles for all the Monsters books available, either pdf or physical.

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