D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 16 – Favorite Monster (Ooze/Aberration)

This time I’ll be talking about my favorite ooze and aberration! Yesterday I only mentioned aberration. This happened because I actually managed to do the stupid thing of using an older version of the challenge. Fortunately, I think the differences in the challenge begin today so all is good. Let’s begin, then.

I’ll do the ooze first. I believe my favorite ooze is the Gelatinous Cube. I like it mostly because, in my mind, it looks less aggressive than the others. It just wanders around “cleaning” anything standing in its path. I liked Gelatinous Cubes even more when I read about Glabbagool in Out of the Abyss. I hope everything will go well when my players meet it. Probably not…

And moving on we have the aberrations! For me, the battle for the first place was between the Aboleths, the Beholders and the Mind Flayers. But in the end the Aboleths won. I find them to be fascinating creatures and their lore in the Monster Manual gives me a lot of inspiration. Aboleths are a really ancient and powerful race. Being older than the gods is not something many can tell. I’m definitely going to use them in my homebrew campaign when we finish our Out of the Abyss campaign!

That’s all for today. There are my favorite ooze and favorite aberration. Tomorrow I will talk about my favorite animal, insect and arachnid. I don’t like insects.

So until then, have fun!

P.S: What the hell are Flumphs!?


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