D&D 30 Day Challenge: Day 19 – Favorite Monster (Elemental/Plant/Construct)

It’s day 19. I’m still talking about favorite monsters and today it’s all about elementals, plants and constructs. I’ve always liked elementals and constructs. Plants are okay I guess, but the other two are amazing! So it’s obvious that I’ll start with the…

…plants! Because it’s my least favorite type of the three I have to talk about today and because there are not many in the Monster Manual. I’ll go with the Myconids, since I’m influenced heavily from Out of the Abyss at the moment. But they’re not bad at all. They are intelligent, they come in many kinds, shapes and sizes and they can produce different varieties of spores. They live in colonies and can make any living creature their mindless zombie servant. All is great. What’s not to like about? Moving on!

Next come the elementals! And the Water Weird wins! I really like the lore of this one. It’s bound to a water-filled location and it’s alignment, and thus its behavior, change if said water is sacred or befouled. And also this amazing quote seals the deal:

Before you drink from a fountain or pool, toss a copper coin into it. It’s a small price to pay for your life.

-X the Mystic’s 2nd rule of dungeon survival


Moving on to the constructs. Oh boy, the Modrons are sweet! There is nothing I don’t like about them and almost everything about them is weird. However, there are two things I completely love about them. The first one is how a Modron is replaced. A Modron from the lower rank of the one that was destroyed gets promoted. To fill the void of the promoted one, another is promoted, and another, and another until you reach the lowest rank where a new one is created by Primus. And the second one is the Great Modron March. Every 289 years, a huge Modron army spreads across the Outer Planes. For Warhammer 40k fans, this is like a big “WAAAGH!”. The purpose may be reconnaissance but the outcome is still the same: the world goes a little crazy for a while and only a small part of the army returns.

So today I told you about my favorite plant, elemental and construct. Tomorrow I’ll be back for day 20!

So until then, have fun!


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