Unearthed Arcana: May Dungeon Masters Guild Review

For this month, the D&D team look for some interesting stuff in Dungeon Masters Guild and we are presented with some character options by  Flying Ape and Stray Chow Chow.

The first one is called Darker Gifts and provides sixteen new curses for characters who have died.

In the current Adventurers League season, characters below 5th level who die can return to life with one of four curses.

However, I’m sure this can get use out of Adventurers League and out of Curse of Strahd in general. This a pay what you want supplement and its current rating is 4.5/5. When I finally run Curse of Strahd I’m definitely using this.

The next three supplements are Druid class options.

All three supplements have a current rating of 4.5/5. They’re also free. Personally, I like all of them a lot and will probably give my players the choice of using them. My favourite one is the Circle of the Fountain because I like its connection with water.

All four of the supplements are well made and I highly recommend them. What amazed me the most is the fantastic artwork, especially in the Druid Circles. The D&D Team does a great job choosing which supplements should be highlighted. You can check out the full article here. Did you like what the D&D Team had for us this month? Are you going to use them?

Until next time, have fun!


2 thoughts on “Unearthed Arcana: May Dungeon Masters Guild Review

  1. The Circle of the Fountain would be so great for my current character! I was originally planning on being a Coast Druid, but decided on Forest after learning we’d never be anywhere near the coast in our adventure, haha. The Circle of the Fountain brings back that interesting water element I was looking for, and the healing potential would fill a crucial gap in my group. Thanks for sharing!

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    • You’re welcome! The ability to give healing properties to water is very interesting. If I could ever be a player in a game that allows this supplement, I’d gladly try it. One of my players is going to like Circle of the Beast because she really loves animals.

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