Announced: Storm King’s Thunder and Volo’s Guide to Monsters

New books have been announced!

I wanted to write this one about a week ago. However, my exams and a health issue are responsible for the “small” delay. What I wanted to say in this post is that I’m very excited about the two new D&D books that were announced by WotC.

The first one is called Storm King’s Thunder. It’s the new storyline and itDnD_TRPG_StormKingsThunder_Cover has to do with giants. Lots and lots of giants. Its release date is September 6th 2016.

There’s also going to be a preview of Storm King’s Thunder this summer, called “Force Grey: Giant Hunters”. That’s an eight-­episode weekly show starring a group of comedians and actors. The DM is going to be Mathew Mercer.

The official announcement of the storyline and the show took place at D&D Live at Meltdown. You can watch the show here.


The second books is called Volo’s Guide to Monsters. It contains lore for monsters and rules for new ones. It also contains new race options, such as the goblin, the orc and the firbolg. Its release date is November 15th 2016.

DnD_TRPG_VolosGuidetoMonsters_Main_CoverNow here’s the thing. I think I saw on twitter someone asking Mike Mearls or Jeremy Crawford if the book is going to contain the catfolk as a race option and the answer was yes. I am not sure, though, and I couldn’t find the tweet. If anyone knows anything about that or found the tweet, please leave a comment.




Another interesting fact about this book is that it will also have an alternative cover edition, exclusive only to hobby stores. If you’re interested you should hurry since it’s going to have only one printing.




I’m pretty excited about these books. I like this storyline and how they connected it with Tyranny of Dragons. I’m going to run it for my group but it will have to wait because we’re still playing Out of the Abyss and I’m planning of running Curse of Strahd after that. However, I’m most excited about Volo’s Guide to Monsters because I really like lore about monsters and I believe this book is going to deliver.

Until next time, have fun!

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