Review: A Star Once Fallen

A Star Once Fallen is a learn-by-play adventure for Open Legend RPG by Ish Stabosz.

I’ve already written a review on Open Legend RPG so I won’t talk much about the system. Open Legend is a straightforward, easy to learn and fun to play system that can be easily used for any type of game and setting.

This adventure’s purpose is to teach new players a190330.jpgbout the system by playing. It is done by introducing small parts of the rules as the players move further into the adventure. It was a pretty well implemented idea that compliments the best parts of the system and especially the fact that it’s pretty easy to learn.

A reason this is done well is because the character creation process is a little limited for the adventure. Some of the options are not available as well as many boons and banes. This helps new players become accustomed to the character creation but doesn’t cause them any problems due to all the options not being there.

As for the adventure itself, it’s pretty good. The characters end up stranded on an island after a storm sinks their ship. There they find war, magic and an ancient prophecy that’s about to become reality.

The layout and editing of the adventure are excellent. The content is split into four parts. The first part describes the character creation process. The second part provides a story background for the GM and also some guidelines on how to run the game. The third part contains detailed information about the areas of the island the characters can visit. The fourth part contains a list of event encounters the GM can use. Some of them can be used whenever and wherever the GM wants and others in specific situations.

The combat encounters are very well designed and also created in a way that compliment the different mechanics that are presented to the players during the adventure.

I’d like to mention here that the difficulty of running the adventure is rather low which is a good thing. The GM doesn’t have to be experienced and the adventure can help them learn the system as well.

As for the art, the cover art is amazing. There’s also a well made map of the island.

Ultimately, A Star Once Fallen is an excellent adventure which also does a very good job introducing the Open Legend system to the players and GM alike.

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