DMs Guild Review: The Naiad’s Revenge

The Naiad’s Revenge is a single session adventure for 3-5 characters between levels 1 and 3 by Josh Kelly.

The adventurers find themselves at the luxurious opening ceremony of a bathhouse. However, things don’t go as planned and chaos ensues. So, guess who has to save the day again.

The adventure takes place inside a two story bathhouse. The place is filled with obstacles, enemies and NPCs that need saving. The whole place has some really good ideas. I really like the idea of a Water Weird using the pipes and drainage system to harass the characters when they’re fighting or escorting an NPC outside. Also, having the steam from the various baths reduce the visibility range is very interesting. Overall, Josh does a good job using the environment the characters will find themselves in, which doesn’t happen that often in adventures.

The layout of the adventure is good. The editing, however, lacks a bit. There are some editing errors that, even if they don’t cause any problems while preparing and running the adventure, they are there and can be annoying sometimes. Thankfully, they are easy to correct and I expect that to happen soon.

The combat encounters seem fairly balanced. There’s an appendix which contains 183699guidelines on how to adjust them based on the party’s strength. I don’t believe the combat encounters, apart from the last one, can be very dangerous by themselves. However, if the DM makes good use of the terrain and the Water Weird this could easily change. Of course, I don’t mean utterly destroying the party. I’m just suggesting making good use of the tools provided to make the players have as much fun as possible.

The map of the bathhouse that is provided isn’t anything special but it covers all the areas and is easy to read. The DM will need it to determine how easily the Water Weird can do a hit and run attack at the characters’ current position.

I’d like to mention here that while the adventure can be ran as a one shot, it can also be integrated into an existing campaign quite easily. It can even be the start of a campaign. The story itself does a good job providing enough inspiration for the DM to continue it. Moreover, Josh provides some ideas and questions in order to make the DM’s job easier.

Ultimately, The Naiad’s Revenge is an interesting adventure with some very good ideas. It can provide an entertaining evening for you and your players or even inspire you to create a campaign around it.

7 thoughts on “DMs Guild Review: The Naiad’s Revenge

  1. Thank you Kind GM!

    I’ve fixed the typos. I recently updated the adventure based on some good play tester feedback but I realize now (too late!) I was updating old draft of the document.

    The latest version is now live on the DMs guild. Thank you for catching that!

    – Josh

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