DMs Guild Review – Banquet of the Damned

Banquet of the Damned is an adventure for 3 to 5 characters of level 1-5, by Benoit de Bernardy.

The heroes find themselves in the village of Womford, two days before the Womford pie contest takes place. If everything was fine they would enjoy some very delicious apple pie, but the situation this year is rather complicated.

The adventure is a mystery in which the adventurers have to unmask the real demonic culprit, who’s messing with the lives of the villagers. They will have the chance to review clues provided by various NPCs, but they must hurry since they have only two days before the Womford pie contest, and the demon’s plans take place.

The layout and the editing are very good. The encounters themselves look very well made. 200538There are three of them, since a big part of the adventure is investigation, but their flavor is good. There are even some new monsters used, which can be found in one of the appendixes.

As for the art, it’s really good. The cover art is amazing. Inside the adventure there are a few more art pieces here and there, including some very well drawn NPCs. There are also a couple of maps included that cover all the areas the characters will visit. I really like the style of the maps.

Apart from the adventure, in one of the appendixes the village of Womford is fully fleshed out. It’s a small village but that turned out positive because there’s a lot of detail. There’s information about various buildings, landmarks, and NPCs that live there. Moreover, the history of the place, its economy, and other things is provided.

Also, since one of the possible rewards is land, the characters could easily make their base there. That’s why there are some interesting story hooks provided that could turn this 4-hour adventure into a small campaign.

Overall, Banquet of the Damned is a really good adventure. It manages to create an interesting mystery that the players will have fun investigating. Also, the fully fleshed out village and the new monsters add extra value to it.

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