DMs Guild Review – Shattered Souls

Shattered Souls is an adventure for a party of 5-8 level characters, by JVC Parry.

The heroes have to climb a treacherous mountain and explore a dungeon in order to foil the plans of cultists of Orcus that want to turn a demilich into a lich.

The adventure is a small dungeon crawl. Now, when I mean small, I mean that depending on how the players tackle the dangers thrown against them, it could easily fill two 3-hour sessions.

The layout is very good. The editing is good as well, with only a couple of minor errors. The first pages of the supplement contain some tips for the DM and the backstory of the dungeon. After that, there are descriptions of the various factions found inside the dungeon as well as for a couple of NPCs that can be encountered.

The biggest part of the supplement covers the rooms of the dungeon. The descriptions of the rooms are very good and all of them are filled with various things the players may find interesting. The author makes sure that no area feels empty.


The encounters of the adventure are well designed. There are combat and possible social encounters, as well as traps and puzzles. I liked a lot the fact that the enemies can be alarmed and move to different rooms, depending on how the characters move. This is something I consider simple, but doesn’t come up often in adventures. The enemies consist of cultists, demons, hags, and various incorporeal undead beings, such as ghosts and specters. All of them fit in the theme of the dungeon quite nicely.

The maps, while nothing spectacular, are well drawn and depict very well the areas the characters can visit. As for the art, there’s none apart from the well drawn cover art.

The dungeon, and the mountain in which it is located, can be placed anywhere in your campaign quite easily. It’s also mentioned that it can be used with the Rage of Demons or Curse of Strahd storylines. While I agree, I believe it would fit the Rage of Demons storyline better.

Overall, Shattered Souls is a well designed dungeon crawl thac could fill two sessions with interesting encounters.

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