DMs Guild Review – Killer Kobolds!

Killer Kobolds!” is an adventure for a party of 4-8 characters of levels 8-12, by Tony Petrecca.

The heroes have taken up the task of rescuing some children that have been abducted by kobolds. Piece of cake, right? Not this time…

The adventure is packed with ambushes, traps, and clever enemies that make perfect use of their surroundings. It is going to teach a great lessons to the Dungeon Master and the players alike.

The layout and the editing are very good, with the editing having only very minor errors. The product is divided in four parts, each one describing one of the areas of the adventure. Also, at the end of the adventure there are two appendices that contain detailed stat blocks for the NPCs and the new monsters the adventurers will encounter.204667

The encounters are a delight. They are balanced but certainly not fair. They Dungeon Master can easily change their difficulty, depending on how murderous they are feeling. My only note is about the number of players. It’s stated inside the adventure that a larger party may be needed if the characters are on the lower end of the level spectrum. That isn’t always an easy thing to do so a simple solution is allowing the players to control more than one character.

There art of the product is beautiful. Apart from the amazing cover art, there are a few more pieces here and there. As for the maps, there are a lot of them and they are well made. Since this is an adventure that uses a lot of traps and positioning of the enemies, without this amount of maps it’d be much harder for the DM to run it. So bonus points for that.

One final note is that this adventure is best served well prepared. It’s not because it’s difficult to run but it’d be easier and much more enjoyable, for the Dungeon  Master and the players, if at least a minimum amount of prep was done before running it.

Overall, “Killer Kobolds!” is a very well designed and fun adventure. It’s going to give your players headaches, and you a lot of enjoyment.

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