DMs Guild Review – Dragon’s Breath Tavern

Dragon’s Breath Tavern is an adventure for a party of 4 to 5 characters of levels 3 to 5, by Jeff Stevens.

The heroes have finally found a tavern after wandering in the wilderness for what seemed to be ages. However, while they want food, drink, and rest, in this tavern they are going to be serviced something else.

The layout and the editing are very good. The structure of the product is quite simple and straightforward; there are descriptions for every marked place on the map, beginning from top to bottom. Since it’s an adventure that’s also meant to be used at a convention(CAFCON), Stevens has done a good job at keeping the complexity of running it at a fairly low level but also making it interesting and fun to play.

At the end of the product there are a few appendices containing a couple of stat blocks, 205867information on NPCs, player versions of the maps, and of course the combat trackers, which make the life of the DM much easier. I’d also like to note that one of the appendices contains the rules of a dice game used in the adventure.

The encounters of the adventure seem fairly balanced. There’s also a good variety of enemies, ranging from Werewolves and Mimics to Carrion Crawlers and a Xorn. However, since some of the encounters may prove a bit of a challenge for lower level characters, there are some adjustments provided that may even the scales. For example, the “boss” of the adventure, who is a shape changing half-dragon, has two different stat blocks.

As for the art, the cover art is really good. There are also a few other art pieces inside the adventure, depicting some of the monsters. The maps are great as well. There’s a top down map of the tavern as well as a colored isometric map of it. As mentioned above, there are also versions of them meant for the players.

Overall, Dragon’s Breath Tavern is another really good adventure by Jeff Stevens. It can be easily dropped into any campaign to provide a fun session. Also, if you’re running the Curse of Strahd adventure, consider giving it a look because it could make a good addition to an already amazing product.

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