Kickstarter: The Chapel on the Cliffs

The Kickstarter for The Chapel on the Cliffs adventure was launched yesterday. Its creator is Goblin Stone, also known for another adventure called Banquet of the Damned.

The Chapel on the Cliffs is a Gothic horror adventure for 4 to 5 characters of level 3. I had the opportunity to take a look at a demo PDF of it and I’m quite pleased from what I saw. The adventure is 35 pages long and includes extra rules for chases and sieges, as well as a couple of new monsters and magic items.Mockup 1

The quality is really good, with the layout and editing being exceptional. There are a lot of art pieces and very beautiful maps. The Banquet of the Damned was very well made and can be proof of the high quality this new adventure is going to have.


I’d like to note that the adventure is almost ready, with only a few art pieces still missing, and also that the Kickstarter has already been funded.

Personally, I’m looking forward to checking out the finished product once it’s out. I suggest giving this Kickstarter a look. If you’re looking for a horror adventure you won’t be disappointed.

Brother Morton


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