#RPGaDay 2017: Days 1, 2 & 3

It’s time to catch up with the #RPGaDay 2017 questions.

I know I’m two days late but, if you think that last year I was 9 days late then you know I’m improving.


For anyone who doesn’t know what this is, #RPGaDay is an event that runs every August for the last three years, with this one being the fourth. A set of 31 RPG related questions is generated and you get to answer one every day of the month. There’s an awesome site where you get to see other peoples’ answers, as well as get more information about the event. And without further ado, let’s begin.

August 1st: What published RPG would you like to be playing right now?

I’m currently GMing a D&D campaign and playing in an Open Legend one. I’m really happy with those two but there are a few RPGs that I’d like to be playing right now. In no particular order:

Warhammer 40K Roleplay

I really like the lore of this universe and I’d love to play a couple of sessions in it. Preferably, I’d like to play either Rogue Trader or Dark Heresy, because they are the ones most appealing to me.


Again, I’m drawn to this RPG because of its lore. In my opinion it’s one of the best sci-fi settings out there and I really want to try it. If it would be possible, I’d prefer to play as a character before I start GMing it, because I’ve heard it has a lot of complex rules.

Tales from the Loop

This is another sci-fi RPG, but it’s set in an alternate 80s period. It was funded through a Kickstarter around the end of 2016, and it has really intrigued me. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to back the project because I had already backed the Open Legend RPG Kickstarter and was out of RPG funds.

There are some more but I’ll stop here. The list will get quite long and you’ll probably get bored reading through it.

August 2nd: What is an RPG that you would like to see published?

I had to think about that a bit. There are a few video games I’d like to see as tabletop RPGs. The one that takes the first place, however, is the Elder Scrolls series. There are a couple of unofficial, but really good, adaptations out there but I’d love to see an official one. If that isn’t possible, then maybe a system agnostic setting guide. The lore is amazing and the world is really beautiful.

August 3rd: How do you find out about new RPGs?

As I live in a not so big but also not so small city in Greece, the community isn’t that big. This means the major source of news of this kind is the Internet.

There are many places I used to get information about new RPGs on the Internet. Of course, social media like Twitter and Facebook play the major role. However, youtube and forums like EN World are close second. Also, browsing stores like DriveThruRPG isn’t a bad way to find new(and older) hidden gems.

And this concludes my answers for the first three days of #RPGaDay 2017. I’d really love to see your answers, especially for day 2.

Tomorrow’s question is “Which RPG have you played the most since August 2016?”.

So until then, have fun!

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