#RPGaDay 2017: Day 4 – Which RPG have you played the most since August 2016?

I think I remember. Maybe?


Before I move to the question, I just want to say that this post is late because of an extremely uncooperative Internet connection. Anyway, moving on. In 2016 there were two RPGs I played.

Open Legend RPG

I ran a couple of sessions of this system and I liked it. However, I now am a player in a campaign ran by one of my friends and players. The fun thing about this system is that you can adapt it really easily in any genre you want. So, while I ran my sessions in a standard medieval fantasy world, the game I play now is in the future.

D&D 5th Edition

This is the RPG I played the most. I don’t remember if I was a player in 2016 but I DMed quite a few games. There is a homebrew campaign I ran during early 2016 but it’s currently on hiatus so we can finish Out of the Abyss. We’re relatively close to finishing it, with only a few chapters left. After that I will either return to DMing my homebrew campaign, run another official adventure, or one of the third party ones. There are a lot good ones out there.

Apart from the long running campaigns, I also ran a few one shots. It was either to playtest some content I’m working on or try a couple of DMs Guild adventures. I wanted to run a Christmas one shot as well, but, while I had started creating my own awesome adventure, something happened and the game was cancelled.

I believe I gamed more than in 2015. However, I didn’t game as much as I wanted and many times our schedule was messed up and had to cancel a lot of sessions.

And that’s all for yesterday’s question. Which RPGs did you play in 2016? Also, the answer to today’s question will be up later today. Promise.

So until then, have fun!

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