DMs Guild Review – It Walks the Jungle at Night

It Walks the Jungle at Night is an adventure supplement for Tomb of Annihilation, designed for a party of 4 players of 5th-7th level, by Alex Clippinger.

The Story
The purpose of this supplement, apart from adding extra content to your Tomb of Annihilation toolbox, is to answer the question “Why haven’t more people
discovered the lost city of Omu?”. The answer is a creature called Uluu Thalongh, that is roaming the jungles of Chult and whose purpose is to kill man, beast, and undead alike.

The Structure

The adventure is divided into three chapters. In the first one, the characters will not meet Uluu Thalongh in the flesh. The purpose of this chapter is to pique the curiosity of the characters. First, they will find out what happens to anyone that crosses paths with it, and then fight the monster indirectly.ItWalksTheJungleAtNight

The first part is achieved by providing a few encounters with remnants of Uluu Thalongh’s attacks. One of the four appendices contains six different encounters where the characters will come against dead groups of adventurers, beasts, or other jungle dwellers. Specifically, one of them contains undead to make sure the characters will not blame them for this. In general, these encounters provide a chance for the characters to try investigate in order to get some clues about the entity causing this.

Moreover, these encounters correspond to some of the information and plot hooks provided at the beginning of the adventure. You don’t have to use all of these encounters. There are six of them in case you want to make this a mystery that will take a bit to unravel.

After the characters have gone through one of the encounters, you can use one of the two combat encounters in the adventure, which is fighting Uluu Thalongh indirectly. This entity can possess parts of the jungle(there’s a stat block for that) and the characters will have to fight them. This encounter can help the players better understand why some of the encounters they will have met at that point were in the state they found them in.

In the second chapter, there is some story progression that will eventually lead to the third chapter, where the confrontation with the monster takes place. The characters will come across a Chultan who’s running away from Uluu Thalongh and will lead them to the safety of his tribe. Before that, however, there will be a chase scene, in which the characters will be doing the running away and Uluu Thalongh will be doing the hunting.

When the characters manage to escape and reach the tribe, they will be told the myth about this creature and how this tribe plays a role in it. The myth itself can be found in appendix B. It’s written in a different narrative style than the rest of the adventure, which feels like it matches the way the tribe’s elder would actually tell it.

Once the characters are up to date, they will be asked to work with the warriors of the tribe in order to kill the creature.

The third chapter is the actual confrontation with the monster. There’s a plan to trap Uluu Thalongh, that involves lighting a fire around its nest and having the characters face it. I liked the idea, because this way you won’t have to use a ton of NPCs during combat and also the encounter will be more challenging and fulfilling for the players. The only part that bothered me a little bit is that the plan gave me the idea that the creature can’t escape from the fire so, technically, there wouldn’t be a reason to fight it.
The Encounters

The adventure contains two combat encounters. As I mentioned, one is the indirect battle with Uluu Thalongh and the other is the direct one. Apart from them, there’s also the chase scene and the encounters with the dead groups. I consider them encounters as well, because the players can interact with the environment in order to gain information about the entity.

The two monsters included the adventure seem balanced, but will make their encounters a bit challenging, which is something I consider a good thing. The only issue is that there’s a small error in their stat blocks. The saving throw bonuses aren’t correct because the proficiency modifier isn’t included in them.
The Art

The adventure contains two black and white art pieces and a colored one. The cover presented in the DMs Guild isn’t included in the product.

Moreover, there are no maps. That’s probably because this is a mini adventure that is supposed to be plugged in somewhere in Tomb of Annihilation. I’d love to see, however, a small map that shows where the tribe is located.


Final Words
Overall, It Walks the Jungle at Night is a nice supplemental adventure. It could be finished in one session, but you could easily spread the encounters of the first chapter in a couple of sessions, while the characters do other things, before moving to the next chapter. It also provides some well written lore and a safe haven for the characters during their travels in the jungles of Chult.


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