DMs Guild Review – Encounters in the Savage Jungles

Encounters in the Savage Jungles is a supplement by Jeff Stevens.

This is the third installment of the Savage Encounter series and, just like the previous ones, it features a lot of very talented authors. This time, we are presented with a collection of encounters that can be used in jungles.

Of course with the, relatively recent, release of Tomb of Annihilation many of the encounters were written with that in mind. However, I believe it won’t be difficult to use any of them somewhere other than Chult. There are 23 fully fleshed encounters.

The Encounters

To be honest, I would have been disappointed if the variety of the encounters wasn’t that great. But that’s one of the best parts about having many authors collaborate in a supplement like that. Not only will you get a nice collection of encounters but you will also experience different writing, and possibly design, styles.

Every author here has a distinct style and this is something I like a lot in this supplement.EncountersInTheSavageJungles For example, I didn’t have to read the author’s name in order to figure out which encounters were written by Benoit de BernardyTony Petrecca, or Jeff Stevens.

This collection covers all three pillars of adventure. You will get social, exploration, investigation and, of course, combat encounters. Moreover, some of them that aren’t tagged as combat encounters could easily feature some if you want.

The way to deploy them also varies a lot. There a couple of them that can take up a whole 3 hour session, and there are some that are just a small encounters, such as meeting a merchant. Others are meant to be used over the course of in game days. For example, one of the encounters features a curse that manifests the next three nights after it has been activated. Nevertheless, most of them are designed in a way that allow the DM to tinker with them if they please.

The CR of the encounters varies, but most of them don’t go above CR 10. In fact, only one goes above that and its CR is 11-17. However, many of them contain guidelines in order to scale them.

The Art

As you can see, the cover art is really beautiful. The interior features a lot of black and white art. Its style makes it feel like the art pieces were taken from a journal of someone who had travelled in the jungle and drew what they encountered.

As for the maps, there’s one for every encounter that requires it. Many of them are black and white, which is a style I like. My favorite one would be the one from the encounter called “Dam Kobolds!”.

Extra Content

The product has two appendices that contain some extra content. In the first one you’ll find 15 quick encounters. They aren’t as fleshed out as the other ones, but they can be used as they are. In the second appendix there are a few extra maps.

Apart from the appendices, however, some of the encounters feature new items, NPCs, or monsters. For example, you’ll find tribal weapons and armor. The best part of that is they don’t come only as a list of names with their damage dice. Each of them comes with a description, which is something I found very interesting.

Oh, there’s also a magic dagger called Daddy.

Final Words
Overall, Encounters in the Savage Jungles is an excellent supplement. Jeff has set a very high standard for the Savage Encounter series. If you’re going to run Tomb of Annihilation or any jungle related adventure, I highly recommend this product.

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