Random Ramblings #3: I Have Returned Edition

Hello there! Missed me? 

I definitely have missed you. I have missed writing on the blog, reading about RPGs, and overall putting time into the hobby. However, my exams are finally over and I can catch a breath again. It was a really difficult month for me(well a bit more than a month but who’s counting?) but it’s not what I want to talk about here.

I got my Player’s Handbook replaced

I wasn’t expecting my Player’s Handbook to fall apart. It was probably one of the problematic ones, because I got it the moment it was released, but I thought it’d be fine since there were no signs of damage even after around four years of heavy-ish use. But while I was writing January’s Unearthed Arcana Analysis(I use the core books a lot when I write these) around 40 pages just fell off.

They just came off. I was really sad.

I knew I had to contact Wizards of the Coast to see if it was indeed one of the problematic ones so that I could get it replaced. The customer support is simply excellent. They were friendly, fast and they actually roleplayed. Some of the answers made me laugh a bit.

One important note here. The replacement process mentioned on the support page is not updated. It’s much simpler now. You only need to send some pictures(and a few information) to figure out if the product can be replaced and then they send you a new copy.

Speaking of the new copy, it arrived quite fast and was hiding something special. I had asked if it could be signed by members of the D&D Team and I wasn’t disappointed by the outcome. Not living in the US makes it nearly impossible for to attend conventions at this point of time, so I can’t meet the Team and have them sign my books. The damaged PHB turned out to be a great opportunity for me to get a signed copy. The issue is that now I’m afraid to use it because I don’t want even a tiny scratch on it.

It’s okay to be jealous

Finally, since I didn’t have to return the damaged copy, like the previous replacement method mentioned, I have to decide what to do with it. I’ve seen some people putting it in 3 ring binders, which looked cool. Do you have any ideas?

Christmas Loot

Two months later I can finally talk about that for a bit. Loot is an important part of Christmas. Like usual, most(if not all) of the RPG related gifts were given by me to myself. To be honest, I have no problem with that. I get what I want and there’s an excuse for the extra expense. What’s not to like about. Anyway, I want this to be short so I’ll be quick.

Two books I got(but arrived late because I ordered them late) are Tomb of Annihilation and Tome of Beasts. I’m really excited by both of them. Unfortunately, I had to let them sit on my desk while I was studying for exams so I only got to do really quick flip throughs of them. Now I can finally get to check them out so you may expect my thoughts on them at some point.

Tome of Beasts is HUGE.

Moving on to the next item. I got the Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Grid. I haven’t tried it yet but I definitely will the next time we play. You can expect my thoughts on that as well. The funny part about this purchase was that the LGS owner asked me if I could open the grid in the store because he wanted to see how it looked. I had actually gotten the last one which he was planning to keep for himself. He seemed very pleased with what he saw but I have a few points I want to test before making my final verdict.

And these are the items I wanted to mention the most. Again, I’m late so I don’t want to spend more time on this.

Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes

Like I wasn’t going to mention this. The next D&D supplement has been announced and its release date is May 29th 2018. I’m fairly excited about it but I won’t be saying anything more here because I’m preparing something for you that will probably be ready until the end of the week. Hopefully you’ll like it.

As for the blog

I’m very excited I can finally spend time on it again. During the hiatus, various ideas popped up in my head.

Content wise there are a few things I want to try. For example, I’m planning on posting an unboxing soon-ish. If you’ve been following me on Twitter you may have an idea of what I’m going to unbox. It’s actually almost ready but I need to figure out when to post it.

Stuff I liked doing will return as well. Maps and reviews are coming. Hopefully I’ll get a review out this week. I don’t know if there will be a map this Monday because I haven’t figured out yet how much packed my weekend schedule is. As for this Friday, there may be something.

The last couple of months have been insane growth wise. I don’t want to talk about numbers because that’s not why you’re here so let me just say the blog is doing great. I’m mentioning this because I want to thank you for being here and making my day better. It makes me really happy to know that someone found something I wrote helpful.

And this was the first batch of random thoughts I wanted to share. There’s more but it’s getting really late and I have a busy day tomorrow. So that’s all for now and I’ll be back really soon.

And until next time, have fun!

6 thoughts on “Random Ramblings #3: I Have Returned Edition

  1. You could cut out the tables in the old PHB pages, paste them on cardboard, and make “Player Screens”. If the DM can hide stuff, so can you!

    Maybe you mail a page to someone with the pertinent part underlined whenever you have an argument about rules.

    You take out the class info of the character you are playing and put it in the folder you use for your character sheet. Similarly, spell book?

    Take all the pages out and convert the cover into a folder for your character sheet.

    Cut a big square in the middle of all the pages and glue them together in order to create a secret hiding space inside the book.

    Make origami models of your characters with the pages.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So many suggestions! Mailing pages to someone sounds hilarious!
      However, damaging the pages would probably cause me physical pain. I couldn’t do that to a book. So the secret hiding space, while it sounds cool, is not something I could do.
      I was thinking about doing something useful. Something my players could use.
      I had the idea of separating the three different parts of the book and putting them in binders. This way it would be easier to flip through. And if I do that, I will have the cover left to do anything I want with so a character folio, or something similar, wouldn’t be a bad idea.
      The origami idea would be perfect for the Monster Manual. Origami monsters made of their Monster Manual page sounds awesome.
      Thank you for the amazing suggestions!


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