My take on the #DnDgate thing

Just found out the #DnDgate is a thing so I’d like to say a couple of things.

I may be talking crazy because I’m semi conscious at the moment(dizziness and puking my guts out the whole day) but after seeing this happen for another time I’d like to give my opinion to this whole thing.

Someone can become god in D&D by having a lot of people acknowledging them. I believe that’s what’s happening here too. Stop giving an attention craving person what he wants. By talking about him you will let others know of his existence which is pretty much what he wants. The reason he keeps doing this is because every time he gets the reaction he wants. Also, he’s partly doing it in order to generate publicity for his own game so that says a lot. Ignore him. Block him if need be.

Times change and meanings evolve accordingly. The term of community has changed and one person can’t do much other than complain about it. D&D is much more than it used to be when it was first created.

I’m going to finish this quick post now but let me just say this. D&D is one of the best things that I have ever happened to come across and I’m grateful for what it has given me.

To any person reading this who is new to the hobby and wants to try playing, take this and go to your local game store to make a character and play. If there’s no LGS nearby, pop into Twitter and you’ll definitely find some amazing people to play with. I’m always happy to help you find a group. Just message me. All my Bulettes are highly trained not to chase people away, unless ordered to.

Now I’m going to pass out on the bed.

And until next time, have fun!

4 thoughts on “My take on the #DnDgate thing

    • To be honest, it’s better not knowing because it’s not worth it. A quick explanation is that one person has an opinion on who should be considered a member of the D&D community and who shouldn’t. However, I believe that person does this because he wants attention and also to promote his own game. A lot of people are making a great deal out of it and my opinion is that completely ignoring it is the best approach.


    • To be honest, at this point I believe the situation is more about getting attention than gatekeeping. That’s the reason I advise ignoring the whole issue and also why I wasn’t sure if I should talk about it. Let’s just focus on how awesome our hobby is.


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