Review – Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks

Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks is a supplement by LoreSmyth.

The purpose of this 88 page supplement is to help DMs enrich their worlds by providing detailed and intriguing inns, as well as the tools to create more.

The supplement is divided into three sections.

Section 1 contains a collection of 8 fully fleshed out inns. Each one of them takes up 4 pages so the level of detail is quite high. First we get a quick description of the inn. After that, there’s information on the staff and possible notable patrons. The descriptions are long enough to give the GM something to work with but also short enough to not tire them.

We also get information on the available rooms, the menu of the establishment, and rumors that can be possibly used as plot hooks. In most of the inns the menu takes up a whole page, with detailed descriptions of the food and beverages served, as well as possible effects they may have on a character.RemarkableInns-LoreSmyth-CoverDTRPG

In the first page of each inn you will find a small table with some information, such as the wealth level of the inn and possible services that are provided there. These entries are explained in detail in the next part of this supplement.

Section 2 contains tools that help Game Masters bring life into their inns. While the inns that can be found in Section 1 are fully fleshed and well detailed, this section can help you add an extra level of detail. However, the tools here can be used for any inn you design too.

The table I mentioned above is explained here. You can add details such as how safe the tavern is and the risk of the characters getting attacked. By adjusting the wealth level you can have an establishment provide exotic goods or even serve the characters rotten food. Speaking of food, this section provides even more foods and beverages to add in your taverns and inns.

There are also a few games that characters can see other patrons playing and even try for themselves. These games are well detailed but simple enough that won’t derail the session, unless the players like them too much. Moreover there are also songs and tales included in this section, which was quite surprising. Finally, there is a table for events that can occur during a bar fight.

If someone added all the suggestions from this section they would end up with a really detailed inn.

LynaraKluunThe third, and last, section of this book talks about creating inns. That includes the inn’s location and remarkable characteristics. These come in the form of roll tables. The same goes with creating innkeepers and other members of the staff. Moreover, there are also a tables that can be used to give more detail to the staff of the tavern, as well as other patrons. Finally, we get a d100 roll table with various plot hooks in the form of rumors that can be found in a tavern.

The supplement comes in both digital and print format. The layout of the PDF is exceptional. The best thing about it, however, is that it is very well bookmarked. You can go to almost any segment just by using the bookmarks, which is amazing.

The people of LoreSmyth were also kind enough to send me a physical copy as well so I had the chance to take a look at it as well. I’m not sure if that’s true, but the size of the font feels a bit larger on the physical copy, which helps since you don’t have the ability to zoom.

The art of the supplement is really good. There are color and black and white art pieces all over the book, and all of them are beautiful. In fact, you can find some art in almost every page of the book.

Overall, Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks is an amazing supplement. The production quality is quite high and the content is exceptional. It’s a high quality tool and if you’re interested in fleshing out the inns and taverns of your world in great detail I highly recommend it.



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2 thoughts on “Review – Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks

  1. Hey, this isn’t bad and certainly for a D&D high fantasy would work well without any real tweaking. For Middle Earth, the example inns do need some work, but that wasn’t why I bought it. I was more interested in being able to add colour to my inns, especially as the town gazetteer I am working on will need a few. So I really liked the stat ratings for different types of inns and the tables that indicate random encounters and services. OK for me the prices are out of whack with the economy I work with (1GP is a horse for Middle Earth) but we can work with that and some of the more exotic dishes. There would be room for generators to provide more detail but I think it would have been overkill unless, as a GM, you wanted something to do a quick wayside inn on a regular basis. For which you can make your own if that is your thing.

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    • Some things in this supplement can work better in a high fantasy setting. Of course, depending on the setting there will be some work left for the GM. The ratings for the inns were something that I really liked. Using just them you can create an inn really quickly but also have some level of detail. If I needed a set of tables to quickly create an inn I’d start from them.

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