Humble Comics Bundle: Dungeons & Dragons 2018 By IDW

Another D&D related bundle is here.

This one may not contain rulebooks or something like that. This one has D&D comics(Just to be clear, this is an affiliate link).

I knew there are quite a few comics by IDW out there but never had the chance to read one. I saw this bundle has comics that tell the tale of Drizzt so I wanted to see how close to the books they are. By reading Homeland I am pleased to say that the story is very well told. I don’t think it’s easy to translate a book into any other format without losing something in the process. But at least Homeland keeps everything important. I saw all the parts I was expecting to see.

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for vacation and now I have some good reading material to enjoy by the sea.

And until next time, have fun!

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