Kickstarter – Arkadia: The Mythic Greek Setting for 5e

Mythic Greek setting you say?

The reason I decided to share this with you was because this setting is inspired by the history and myths of ancient Greece.

Arkadia expands on 5e, drawing on Greek mythology to create an ancient world and a wealth of player options to help you explore it. Players take on the role of mythic heroes and champion a pantheon of Greek inspired gods as they forge their own legend in Arkadia. They explore a world of ancient cities and crumbling ruins, encountering strange neighboring cultures, and mysterious fallen civilizations based on the Persian Empire, Ancient Egypt, and even lost Atlantis.


Arkadia is more than just a setting — it’s a guide to roleplaying in an authentically Greek world with all the tools a player needs to start their journey. Classic roleplaying races like dwarves and elves live alongside new races inspired by classic Greek monsters like satyrs and gorgons. Each of the familiar classes has a new archetype, unique to Arkadia, backed up by a bounty of exciting new character options, including backgrounds, racial feats, and bronze age equipment.

The book is meant to be a combination of a setting and a player’s handbook. It’s going to provide a ton of new character options that are unique to the setting, but also content for the Dungeon Master in the form of monsters and, possibly, new rules.


What has piqued my interest the most, however, is this.

When we set out to adapt 5e for our Arkadia setting we were faced with an immediate obstacle. We noticed that many elements of classical roleplaying didn’t translate well to our Ancient Greek framework. We found that several definitive classes, races, and monsters were deeply rooted in other mythologies and cultures.

We decided to deconstruct everything, right down to their foundations and rebuild them, from the ground up as true to an Ancient Greek world while maintaining the spirit of the classical roleplaying experience.

In short, Arkadia has elves, dwarves, and orcs. It has paladins, wizards, and even monks. We have given each of these components a living, breathing place in the detailed world of Arkadia.

I’m really interested seeing how some things are going to be handled. I want to see if any points of ancient Greek history are going to be used and which myths are going to be used more heavily. But also I want to see if the lore is going to have an impact on the mechanics.

The Kickstarter project can be found here. It has already been funded and there are still 29 days left.

And until next time, have fun!

P.S: Arkadia is an actual region of Greece. That’s your trivia of the day.


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