#RPGaDay 2018: Day 29 – Share a friendship you have because of RPGs

Friends are possible new group members, and vice versa.

RPG-a-Day 2018

I have a good example for today’s question. So back in junior and senior high school (I believe that’s the US equivalent but anyway), there was a guy I used to talk to every now and then. We weren’t exactly friends because we rarely hang out together, but we were in really good terms. Sometimes we walked together on our way from school because we lived, and still live, very close to each other. We had a lot of common interests so we used to have awesome conversations. But since we both had different groups of friends, after high school we just lost contact.

About one year ago, I received a message from that guy, asking me to meet him and have some coffee and chat. We immediately hit it off again. After our meeting I asked him if he was interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons and, unsurprisingly, he said yes. And not only that but he also brought another friend so I got two new players!

I can’t say for sure if I would have kept contact with that person again after that coffee if it weren’t for Dungeons and Dragons. I’m just glad I did because I now have a renewed friendship and a brand new one.

And that’s my answer for today’s question. Have you gotten any friends from RPGs?

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing something I have learned about playing my character. I haven’t been a player many times but I’m sure I’ve learned something.

So until then, have fun!

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