Kickstarter – Moglan’s DnD 5E Augmented Reality Magic Item Cards

D&D cards have leveled up.

There are all sorts of cards out there to help your game. From monsters, to spells, to magic items. These magic item cards, however, are going the extra mile to provide a better experience. We’re talking about augmented reality.

Our Core Deck consists of 40 cards, containing 30 Brand New MagIc Items fully designed for use in 5E, as well as 10 Classic 5E Items! Each card will be double sided, printed on high quality Poker Style Cards, and have brand new illustrations by artist Miranda Sider!

We are also launching with two 10 card themed decks! Legendary Artifacts brings new powerful ancient and infamous relics into your games, while Cursed Objects introduces a set of corrupt items featuring Illustrations by our guest artist Claudia Dillard. Perfect to tempt your players with maddening power and evil magic!

Augmented reality isn’t something necessary in order to play the game. However, I believe there are ways to enhance our gaming experience through technology, and one of them is augmented reality. I bet it would feel awesome to see your Druid’s magic staff hovering in the air in front of you.

Every card in Moglan’s Deck is a fully functional reference card, but will also be able to be scanned with our free smartphone app for iOS and Android. When scanned, the item will pop up in 3D on top of the card, and you can walk around the item, seeing every detail in Augmented Reality!

As soon as the item is scanned, all the card info will save automatically into the app’s “Inventory” where you can reference all of your collected Items whenever, wherever!

My only concern is that it could be distracting sometimes. But I believe it will be a minor issue, compared to the whole experience. I also like the fact that magic items will automatically be stored in the app’s inventory. This deals with the possible problem of multiple players having the same item and needing to have the item card in front of them.

In addition to the app and the cards, the Kickstarter offers a leather deck box that holds the cards, as well as a leather case the holds all three of the core rulebooks.

You can check out the project here.

And until next time, have fun!

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